Pre-Departure Donations Page

Our Pre-Departure

Donations Page

Serves several purposes:

To plea, prod & promote

donations by

air travellers

equal to 1 % of your

flight costs

to reflect the

imperative need

to understand,

promote and undergo

the so necessary

Feelings of GUILT

for adding more crap

and related emissions

to our now highly

over-polluted atmosphere!

And to have you Wake! And!

With Your Greed Now Awake:

Support this effort

to wake the world!

And thereby get

everyone involved in


And so . . we come to

suddenly understand

The Situation:

We are now trapped

and forced to wake


“A Life Extinction Event”

underway as a 

“Non-Stop Global

HeatRise Scenario”.

Ergo . . . Subsequent

to all reviews and

thorough appraisals

of our near future

due the


Global Heatrise:

Should overwhelming feelings

of personal guilt and determined

discouragement develop,

for whatever reasons,

including our


to have long ago taken

"immediate action",

and have THAT lead to an

absolutely firm and truly

determined intent to

forego further knowledge

of the developing

worldwide madness

via an

“early exit”


Please consider making

‘A Reason Why Statement'!

with a

‘Pre-Departure Gift’

gift of an appropriate

Domain name

(Make one up

to reflect your feelings

as this situation grows

progressively worse.

Each such

Domain Name / URL

will be placed

“On Sale”

with an appropriate

background page.) 

Or a monetary gift

as a contribution to this effort

to wake Humanity.

(And a continuing effort,

despite the nature of our madness,

to provide  health and dental care

to the young and impoverished

in the Golden Triangle area.)

All statements associated

with such or other gifts shall be

fully acknowledged and

thoroughly publicized

worldwide via these web-sites


sealed in time capsules


buried on or near

various shorelines

with appropriate mantras

in close proximity

to or within

Buddhist Pagodas

in South-East Asia as:

"Dated Observations

of Humanity’s


Thoughts & Behaviour  

All such statements

should be sent to:

and all monetary gifts sent

via “PayPal”

to the above e-mail address

with, please, an accompanying

“Statement” of whatever nature to .

Our Children . .

By The Way . . 

Continue To Pray:

Translate! Duplicate!

Distribute! Display!

Things are looking bad!

Any ideas to wake

The Human Race?

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016